Getting Ready for the New Power Rangers

We’re all very excited about the new Power Rangers that’s coming out. This article is going to be quite a bit of me just being nostalgic, but I think a lot of people can relate. If you’re in your thirties, you probably remember doing karate kicks in the yard trying to be like your favorite Power Ranger.

My favorite Ranger was Tommy, the Green Ranger. He was the bad boy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like he’s in the new movie. But, if this movie does well I’m positive they’ll put him in the next one. The Green Ranger is a lot of people’s favorites. I think what they are trying to do now is to establish the franchise with the more realistic versions of the characters.

power rangers

This is pretty much what Hollywood has been doing for some time now. The Christian Bale Batman movies reinvented the Batman franchise and made the older movies look like garbage. Well, partly because they were. We just didn’t realize it. The last Batman movies before Chrisopher Nolan rebooted it were simply terrible. They were cheesy and ridiculous, but Batman had been going downhill for a while and we just kind of expected the movies to be like that. Then along comes Batman Begins and makes us realize what Batman is supposed to be like.

The same thing happened with James Bond. Do you remember the last Peirce Brosnan Bond films? Tomorrow Never Dies? They were pretty aweful, cartoon-like incarnations of James Bond. But, the movies had been getter more ridiculous all through the nineties, so I have to admint that I didn’t even realize how dumb they were. Then Casino Royale came out and changed everything. So THIS is what Bond is supposed to be like! It finally took the character seriously, like Batman, made what could be an unbelievably absurd concept and infused it with as much realism as possible.

old vs new bond

Think about it: a guy who dresses like a bat and fights crime. Why? Batman Begins explains exactly why. A secret agent whose mission always comes first, is always smooth, and loves the ladies and leaves them… Casino Royale shows how all that comes to be.

old vs new batman merchandise

If you want to get ready for the movie, you can already get some cool Power Rangers merchandise at this site:

So, what I hoping is that this Mighty Morphin Power Rangers move accomplishes the same thing. I hope that it injects some realism into this storyline and characters in the same way other successful reboots have done. While I did enjoy the Power Rangers of the 90s, I will be very disappointed if they don’t bring some seriousness to this reboot. Judging by the trailer, it looks like it could go either way. But, I think they’ll do a decent enough. I just hope it’s at least good enough to warrant a second movie with Tommy.

They have lots of great stuff. I got myself some Power Rangers toys and I’m loving them. I plan on taking them to the premiere of the movie. Hopefully, they’ll have a midnight showing for the release so I can get together with all the other Power Rangers fans and completely geek out over it all.

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